Best Bath Toys for Babies

Many kids cry when it is bath time. Some are scared of water, some do not like the soap that makes them close their eyes. But, it would be great to turn this time that they do not like to something both educational and fun, right? The best bath toys for babies can do that. Here are reviews of what we found best for the purpose.

Our Best Bath Toys for Babies

Best Bath Toys for Babies - Reviews

1. Boon Building Bath Toy Bundle with Pipes, Cogs, and Tubes.

You need to introduce the kids to such games that will help improve their imaginative powers and their understanding skills. Boon Building Bath Toy Bundle with Pipes, Cogs, and TubesNow, this looks like a simple toy that does not do much. Five cogs, five pipes, and three tubes- you can connect them and when you pass water through them the round parts move.

This actually helps your kid understand the mechanical energy of physics to some extent without the technical terms. Apart from that, the parts are multi-colored which will attract more attention. You may not be happy with the small amount of water that this toy allows within it. However, it keeps the water within the bathtub.

What you may not like at all is that this toy is not easy to clean and thus mold may form.


  1. It helps to build mechanical knowledge.
  2. Colorful so more attractive.
  3. Versatile in design.
  4. Keeps water within the bathtub.


  1. Not very easy to clean.

2. Yookidoo Bath Toy – Submarine Spray Station.

Introduce your child to a submarine in the most interesting way and just where you should have a submarine-In the water!Yookidoo Bath Toy - Submarine Spray Station This is a battery-operated submarine toy with other parts that come into life the moment you turn it on. Furthermore, it increases your child’s interest to the bath through streaming the water through it.

However, it may stop working all of a sudden so you can consider it not very durable.


  1. A very beautiful and educational toy.
  2. The movements will keep your child entertained.
  3. Good value for the money.


  1. Not very durable.

3. Green Toys Rescue Boat with Helicopter.

If you want to teach your kid about the safety issues and the way people are saved from stuck boats then this is a great toy to give to him or her.Green Toys Rescue Boat with Helicopter Apparently, it comes with four pieces- a boat, a helicopter, a captain duck and a bear. Your child can find his own story and play along with it.

The toys are quite easy to clean as well. However, you may not like the overall design as the helicopter may seem too big for the boat and the boat may not stay afloat very well.


  1. A good way to introduce children to the help that is available.
  2. It builds his imagination.
  3. Easy to clean.


  1. Not the best design.

4. Elegant Baby Bath Time Fun Rubber Water Squirties.

If the child is really small then these dinosaur rubber toys may be the perfect choice for him.Elegant Baby Bath Time Fun Rubber Water Squirties Apparently, all these do is just float and squirt water. Now, babies tend to chew on such toys and the concern can be the material.

Luckily, these toys are made of no such harmful materials that could harm your baby. Other than that, they are quite easy to clean as well. The only trouble is that they get molded quite fast.


  1. Very simple and entertaining toys.
  2. Harmless material in the build.
  3. Quite easy to clean.


  1. Gets molded easily.

5. Green Toys My First Tug Boat.

What is better than a boat to introduce to a kid as a toy during a bath?Green Toys My First Tug Boat This Scoop and release boat has a great design that allows the child to hold up water and let it fall. And, the boat also has quite a realistic design to help your child’s education.

However, it gets molds very easily.


  1. Simple mechanism.
  2. Good design.
  3. Good value for money.


  1. Gets molds.
  2. Feels cheap.

6. Tomy Do Rae Mi Dolphins Bath Toy.

Dolphins are friendly and this toy is the best way to introduce your kid to dolphins. Apparently, you can use this toy in various ways.Tomy Do Rae Mi Dolphins Bath Toy You can mix and match colors by putting the dolphins in their respective colored rings.

Furthermore, if you tap the head of the dolphins, each makes a different sound. However, you may have to tap quite hard. They float quite well as well when in the ring.


  1. Very interesting and versatile set.
  2. Needs no batteries.
  3. Engages a number of senses.


  1. Needs a hard tap.
  2. May not float well without the ring.

7. Sassy Developmental Bath Toy.

Want to introduce your kid to fishing?Sassy Developmental Bath Toy Then, this catch and count toy will not only teach him about fishing but will also help him count to three. Apparently, it comes with three little fishes and a net with a handle.

What you may not like about this toy is that the paint quality is not good.


  1. Teaches about fishing.
  2. It helps to count to three.
  3. Interesting mechanism and a good price.


  1. Bad paint quality.

8. Alex Bath USA Map in The Tub Kids Bath Activity.

If you want the US map with fifty of its state engraved in the brain of your child thenAlex Bath USA Map in The Tub Kids Bath Activity this puzzle bath game is what you want to give him. It will not only take time but will also develop his motor skills and IQ. The puzzle is made waterproof and will stick to the wall when the bathtub is wet.

The problem you may face with is certain parts may start peeling off and the puzzle pieces may not stick.


  1. Very educational.
  2. Improves various skills of the child.
  3. Good value for the money.


  1. May not stick to the wall.
  2. May peel off.

9. Fred KOI TOY Light-Up Bath Goldfish.

Goldfish is an absolute classic in water and it as a toy is great for kids.Fred KOI TOY Light-Up Bath Goldfish Furthermore, this toy lights up to entertain your kid. As you can imagine the kid should be very small.

You can teach the kid about colors using this toy. The problem with this unit is that the battery cannot be replaced so if the batteries run out, the lights do too.


  1. Great way to learn about colors.
  2. Keeps small children entertained in the tub.


  1. Non-replaceable battery.
  2. May form mold.

10. 3 Bees & Me Bath Toy Basketball Hoop & Balls Set for Boys and Girls.

It’s weird to have a basketball hoop in the bathtub but whatever keeps the kid entertained, right?3 Bees & Me Bath Toy Basketball Hoop & Balls Set for Boys and Girls Your kid will actually have a great time putting the small balls through the hoop. Now, the hoop usually does a great job sticking to the wall but the balls are not durable.

Other than that, the toys may form mold too soon.


  1. Keeps the kid occupied very well.
  2. The hoop sticks to the wall well.
  3. Good value.


  1. May form mold.
  2. Balls do not last.

11. WowWee Pinkfong Baby Shark Bath Squirt Toy – 4 Pack.

Your baby’s little hands will love holding and playing with this family of sharks. WowWee Pinkfong Baby Shark Bath Squirt Toy - 4 PackYou can teach a thing or two about families through this shark family. Mostly, it will just keep the child entertained with the squirts.

While the build is very safe, the toys can grow mold with time. They are quite affordable.


  1. Introduces the concept of family.
  2. Simple to play with.
  3. Budget-friendly toys.


  1. Gets mold easily.

12. The First Years Disney Baby Bath Squirt Toys.

Before you even introduce your kid to the movie Finding Nemo, you canThe First Years Disney Baby Bath Squirt Toys introduce him to its characters. These three cute toys will keep the child entertained with their attractive colors and squirts.

They are easy to clean but will get molded if you do not dry them properly.


  1. Attractive enough to hold attention.
  2. It provides a good grip.
  3. Easy to clean.
  4. A simple way to play.


  1. Needs drying well to prevent molds.

13. Spin Master Paw Patrol Figure Set 6 Piece.

If you want to give food to your child’s imagination then thisSpin Master Paw Patrol Figure Set 6 Piece paw Patrol six-figure toys may be a handful for them. These are well-built toys with harmless materials.

The problem, however, is the size of the toys. They are so small that they can be a choking hazard. So, make sure that it is right for your child.


  1. It helps build imagination.
  2. Nicely designed and made.
  3. Easy to clean.


  1. Choking hazard as it is too small.

14. Munchkin Fishin’ Bath Toy.

If you want the kid to have a more realistic experience of fishing then this is the toy you need.Munchkin Fishin' Bath Toy Apparently, it has a fishing rod with a magnet and three objects with magnets that stay underwater. Your kid can develop better hand-eye coordination skills using this toy.

The unit is quite affordable. However, it may be a bit too hard on the kid as the magnet does not reel the toy in. It is very easy to clean too.


  1. A very realistic fishing experience.
  2. Develops hand-eye coordination.
  3. Easy to clean.


  1. The kid may lose interest as it may be too hard.

15. Playahoy Floating Bath Toys For Boys and Girls- Float and Play Stacking Rings.

If you want to build not just one but a number of skills in your child, then this toy is what you want.Playahoy Floating Bath Toys For Boys and Girls- Float and Play Stacking Rings In fact, this versatile toy will teach your child about colors, develop motor skills and also help with coordination.

The unit is well-made but with air holes in them which could lead to molds in the long run.


  1. Very colorful and attractive.
  2. It develops a number of skills in the child.
  3. Safe for use.


  1. The air holes may lead to molds someday.

16. Boon Jellies Suction Cup Bath Toys.

These jellyfish toys with suction cups in them can help your child get creative.Boon Jellies Suction Cup Bath Toys They can attach one over the other and in many such patterns to make something great. Furthermore, this toy has a very attractive look.

Now, the problem with suction cup toys is that it goes to waste when the cup stops working. And, it may in the case of this toy.


  1. It helps the child get creative.
  2. Very attractive and vibrant colors.
  3. Safe for kids.


  1. The suction cups may stop working.

17. Skip Hop Pull & Go Monkey Submarine.

This will also teach a bit of physics to your child. If you pull the propeller the Skip Hop Pull & Go Monkey Submarinesubmarine with the monkey will go forward floating. Your child will really enjoy the motion. Furthermore, the colors are attractive as well.

The problem, however, is that the propeller is not very powerful.


  1. Moves in a fun way.
  2. The kid learns about the motion.
  3. Attractive colors.


  1. The propeller is not very powerful.
  2. May form mildew.

18. KIDSTHRILL Baby Stacking Cups Toy – Stackable 10 pc Rainbow Nesting Block Set.

This is another toy set that will teach your child about colors and sizes.KIDSTHRILL Baby Stacking Cups Toy It will help to develop his brain by making him work hard to fit the blocks in. Furthermore, it will keep him quite occupied.

These are quite colorful and thick. However, they may feel a bit cheap.


  1. It helps to develop the brain.
  2. Introduces to colors.
  3. Easy mechanism and cleaning.


  1. It may feel a bit cheap and not creative.

19. Minnebaby Swimming Bath Toys – Cute Paddling Dolphin.

Friendly dolphins are back again but this time to paddle their tails!Minnebaby Swimming Bath Toys - Cute Paddling Dolphin The kid does not even have to touch the dolphin because it will start paddling the moment it comes in contact with water. It has a battery and sensor in it.

Furthermore, it glows in the dark so the kid can just stay amused by it. It can be a bit expensive for a single piece.


  1. Paddles automatically.
  2. Glows in the dark.
  3. Keeps the kid well-entertained.


  1. Slightly expensive.

20. TOMY Toomies Hide & Squeak Eggs.

Want the kid to be completely occupied with the game when in the bath?TOMY Toomies Hide & Squeak Eggs Then, these six eggs with six colorful chicks will do the job. They have to crack the egg open to find the chicks.

Furthermore, pressing the head of the chicks makes sounds. However, the sound is not that loud and you have to press the chick down quite hard.


  1. Colorful toys.
  2. Makes sounds.
  3. Safe for kids.


  1. The sound is low if not pressed hard.

Final Words

Here, we reviewed best bath toys for babies. There are bath toys available in many different forms. What your baby will like, other babies may not. So, you have to choose the best baby bath toys that your baby will not lose interest immediately. But, also, make sure that it is safe for use even if it is not educational.

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