How To Add Baby To Health Insurance

How To Add Baby To Health Insurance?

How To Add Baby To Health Insurance?

A baby is considered the most precious gift to a family. All that enthusiasm is obviously too much to handle with the newborn. You get overwhelmed by just holding the tiny one. But among all these excitements, one thing you must consider before anything else is to add the baby to a health insurance plan.

With the little addition in the family, life is changing a lot as you have to balance between your work life and the new personal and financial responsibilities. Hence, we often tend to skip the health coverage subject regarding the infant, but this is something to be handled with the utmost care and urgency.

Most of us already have a health insurance plan for the family. But does your baby automatically get enlisted in the health coverage list, or you have to follow any specific procedure to make that happen? Or should you change the health plan entirely? Several questions might be going through your mind right now!

However, don’t be too anxious! Adding your baby to your health insurance plan is not a complicated thing to do. You just have to follow some steps to make sure your baby is enrolled in your health coverage scheme. 

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You should follow these steps to add your baby to your health insurance plan.

Make contact with your insurance company:

The first step is to contact your insurance company as soon as possible. You may have a few days’ slot to do that, but it can easily slip from your mind, causing big problems for you in later days. These days, most healthcare services have their own App for easier functional purposes. Just download their app or directly call at their customer service.

Provide them with mandatory paper works:

Normally most insurance careers can easily retrieve birth documents of your newborn via their online system. But you need to make sure they have all the data like birth certificate, hospital records, birth date and time, etc. to start the insurance process.  Collect all the evidence for validation and submit them yourself.

Fill out the necessary forms:

One of the most important steps of this process is fulfilling the application form for your baby. You can collect the form from your insurance agent, along with the instructions about how to fill it up. If adding your newborn increases your health care premium, you must submit the extra forms within a year from your baby’s birth-date.  

Confirmation of baby’s registration:

Now that you have completed the important documentation for your baby’s health care coverage, your insurance provider will contact you after the procedure is done. You should hear from them within a week or two following your form submission date. If not,  get in touch with them to know about your enrollment status.


How Long Do You Have To Add A Newborn To Your Insurance Policy?

First of all, according to your health insurance rules and regulations, your baby should be included in the health plan the moment he or she was born. But you must notify your insurer about the infant’s birth for official procedures within a certain time period.

Usually, a newborn will have thirty days before the enrollment days go up. The baby parent’s insurance covers for the first month. But if you don’t enroll him by the time, he would lose the health benefits. In addition, you may have to pay a penalty for each uninsured child. 

The thirty days window is also applicable if you want to switch to another health plan, based on your convenience. This is a possibility as your existing health insurance plan will be more expensive if you add your baby to that plan. Later, you can change the arrangement to suit your affordability.

How Much Does It Cost To Add A Baby To Health Insurance?

Parents with no health coverage can choose a child-only insurance plan with a reasonable costing. And even if you have health insurance, you can also choose a separate policy instead of adding the baby to the current one. With the second or third baby, you can always change your plan to a group or family scheme, as the premium amount will be much less than the first one. 

Each insurance company has different types of schemes with specific costing. Search these and see which one is the most fitting for your baby. You will find numerous plans with discounts based on your paychecks. Special rates are available for expecting females with low income.

Can You Add A Baby To Insurance Without A Social Security Number?

Yes, you can. Birth of a baby is considered as a qualifying life event. Within the first 27days after the birth, you need to enlist the baby as a dependent. As newborns don’t get their social security number for many days, you can add your baby to your insurance without SSN. 

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How Do I Add Someone To My Health Insurance?

If you want to add someone to your health insurance plan, there are some specific measures to do that properly. You can add a dependent, spouse, or domestic partner by providing some compulsory information. But first, you need to inform your insurance provider or the HR of your company in case of employer health coverage.

Next, the enrollment form has to be fulfilled properly. You have to attach some evidential documents like marriage certificate, birth certificate, Social Security Card, etc. for the verification process. After submitting the application form, your insurer will contact you to update you about the application status. 

Adding A New Baby To Your Health Insurance:

Health care of a baby tends to be more expensive because of the extra medical service and facilities a baby has to receive. Adding the newborn into an insurance plan will cut down the costing a good deal. But delaying the process might cause you to pay a lot more than you thought. You have to pay fine as well for not fulfilling your responsibility.

Final Words

In general, adding your baby to health insurance can save you plenty of expenses if planned properly. Whether it is your newborn child, your spouse, your family, or yourself, make sure you have chosen the suitable health coverage to back you up in the long run.

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